Get over yourselves!

I wish people would stop writing, “I’m white, so naturally I’m a target!”  Get over yourself.  The way you should conduct yourself in ANY borough is the same - don’t act like an idiot and you won’t have problems.  Please, white people, stop believing that the natives are focused on you because you are (choose from the following): blond hair/blue eyes/white skin/I’m a white woman/I’m a white guy/I’m white and gay.  You’re really not that special and you’re not doing anyone a favor by coming to the boroughs because you’re (choose from the following) showing how tough you are/down for the cause/broke/adventurous.)

1st Bath & Body store in the Bx since 2010

Hello,   I hope all is well!  I’m writing you this email to introduce you to Bella Bath and Body Boutique-  The first Natural and Organic bath and body store in the Bronx located in Pelham Bay.    We opened our doors on April 1st, 2010 and we are honored to service the Bronx Community and educate our customers on making healthier choices with regards to Bath and Body products, home aroma and more.  We would love to be featured on your website.  Please check us out on  Thank you for taking the time to read this email and we look forward to hearing from you.    Regards,   Marco Ramos Bella Bath & Body Boutique Organic, Natural & Smells Good!
3030 Buhre Ave
Bronx, NY 10461
6 Train to Buhre Ave Store hours: Monday: Closed, Tuesday - Saturday: 11am- 8pm, Sunday: 10am- 4pm


Bronx Documentary Center

Join us at the Bronx Documentary Center, a new space dedicated to photography, film, and new media located on Courtlandt and 151st in the South Bronx. As we gear up for our fall launch, the BDC is screening movies on our garden patio. Join us this Thursday, August 18 for the Oscar-winning film Born Into Brothels followed by Q+A with director Ross Kauffman.  Admission is $5, 17 and under free. Film is rated R, children must be accompanied by an adult.  


For more information about Bronx Documentary Center, contact us at or join us on and on Twitter @followbdc.


We are standing together grass-rooted against the dumping on Highbridge. Yes, we live here and we have an obligation to make sure we are safe and our environment is clean. So do the the politicians who asked for our vote. So how is the city dropping more transitional shelters around our schools. Because of greed and exploitation. Another World is possible!

missamal said: I may have asked this already, or maybe I only thought I did. Any suggestions as to where I should look for an apt in the Bx? I work downtown, NYC and really truly do not want to take a bus to the subway. Hoping to be in a new place by Sept 1. Thanks!

What type of place do you want to live in?  Do you want to live close to a park?  Near public transit?  Or do you prefer a more suburban area with less noise?

We Live in the Bronx, But We Deserve Clean Neighborhoods…

To organize a neighborhood clean up, call the DSNY at 646-885-4524 and ask for Bruno.  The DSNY will provide brooms, shovels, work gloves, rakes, trash bags, etc. for your organized clean up.  All you have to do is call, schedule a time, and print up some fliers for your block.  

Plus, play the garbage game while you anticipate your organized neighborhood clean up:

We want to hear how you think the Bronx could be improved!

BtCFtC logoThe IfUD has just launched By the City / For the City, a crowdsourced public ideas platform that will result in a design competition. If you’ve ever crossed a crazy intersection, walked past a dilapidated park, or worked up any sort of creative scheme for improving your corner of the city, here’s your chance to share your ideas with your fellow New Yorkers—and draw the attention of some of the world’s top designers.

From now through April 30th, we’ll be collecting all of your ideas at the link above. Then, from May 16-June 17, we’ll put out a call to designers around the world to respond to the sites that matter most to New Yorkers with new ideas and fresh proposals. We want to generate interest in sites and situations around all five boroughs that have been long-overlooked. We need you to tell us where those opportunities for improvement are in the Bronx! Submit your idea(s) today!

A little mad (or very angry) that Parks is being such a poo face about this program?!?!  Take a few minutes to email the Deputy Commissioner at Parks: Liam Kavanagh (click on last name for email) or send a letter:

Deputy Parks Commissioner Liam Kavanagh

The Arsenal

Central Park
830 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10065

And let Parks know that dog waste is a problem that needs a free solution like Poo Free Parks ( 

missamal said: Thinking of moving up to the BX this summer from Queens. Any suggestions? It's gotta be near a train station that takes me to downtown NYC. I'm girl, and I'm not scared.

Go for it!  Just work hard and get involved in your community.  The BX has tons of potential!